Giving to DEC Dallas Evangelical Church

A part of worship is giving back to God from the Blessings He has given you. We can do that with our time, we can do that with our talents and we can give back to God with our Treasure, our finances.

If you want to say thank you to God by giving to DEC Dallas Evangelical Church, if you want to be faithful to God by giving your tithe or if you want to help with one of our projects, there are 3 ways you can give money to DEC:

By coming to church and putting your offering in the donation plate at the back of the sanctuary

By mail to DEC Dallas Evangelical Church, 783 SW Church St, Dallas OR 97338

Or Online at the bottom of this web page

DEC Dallas Evangelical Church is a 501c3 Non-profit corp.

If you want your funds to go to a specific project, please indicate that with your offering.

If you use a credit card to give, please don't give more than you can afford to give

If you give the wrong amount online, such as $650 when you intended $65, please understand that the church cannot refund you the difference until the donation cannot be reversed by your bank. This is due to the prevalence of internet scams which request a overpayment refund and then stop the online payment