Dallas Evangelical Church



DEC aka Dallas Evangelical Church, has been ministering to the Dallas Community and Polk County for over 121 years. We have had times of good growth and times of decline. We almost had to close, but with the Lord's help, we are rebuilding our Christian Community and our service to Dallas. If you want to experience Christian Community in a church that is too small to hide in, come and join us as we learn to be Disciples Making Disciples.

Community Clothing Closet

The Community Clothing Closet collects clothing from the community and gives it away to anyone, no questions asked, no counting or weighing what is taken.

*The clothing is for anyone in the community (not to be sold or shipped elsewhere).


Free clothing!!! Open Monday - Saturday 9AM-Noon, and Thursday nights 7 - 9 PM


The Evangelical Church: http://theevangelicalchurch.org

The Pacific Conference http://pacificecna.org

What We Believe

We are an Evangelical Church focusing on making Disciples who make Disciples. God doesn't just save people, and call it good enough. He also wants to help us live better lives and as we draw closer to Him, we can find the power to live better lives.